JC Global Solutions | Taking your Vision to the next level…
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Taking your vision to the next level...

Facilitate Purpose

Live a life of purpose by sharing your message with the world.

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Inspire Passion

Focus on living with passion and doing the things you love.

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Foster Transformation

Achieve transformations in your life, business, and the world around you.

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Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.



Cindy Lin - CMO

Cindy Lin / CMO

My goal is to stretch your capability to provide value to levels that both scare and excite you.
Joe Granados - CEO

Joe Granados / CEO

I want you to have freedom to create, freedom to innovate, freedom to help take our world to the next level.

Technology / Tools

  • GoDaddyGoDaddy
  • HostGatorHostGator
  • LeadPagesLeadPages
  • GetResponseGetResponse
  • iPas2iPas2


Social Media Marketing

Performance-Based Marketing

Purchase Funnel Development

Content Planning & Copywriting

Display Advertising

Customer Engagement Planning

Marketing Education

Conversion Rate Optimization

Brand Development